Wednesday Motivation November 6, 2019

Why should we pay so much attention to what the majority thinks? Socrates Our social groups can have such a powerful effect on our lives. The desire to fit in and to be accepted by others ripple with strong undercurrents in our day to day actions. We over attribute our thinking to being that ofContinue reading “Wednesday Motivation November 6, 2019”

Tuesday Motivation November 5, 2019

What we fear doing most is usually what we most need to do. — Tim Ferriss Fear can be turned on it’s head. And used to point us in the right direction for our growth.  At a primal level, fear can be a useful feeling, allowing us to perceive danger or threats and to eitherContinue reading “Tuesday Motivation November 5, 2019”

Monday Motivation November 4, 2019

If it’s endurable, then endure it. Stop complaining. — Marcus Aurelius You are stronger than you imagine. We are capable of more than we expect of ourselves. When we work out, our mind gives out before our muscles. Whatever number we have set in our head, that becomes the finish line. For some, we powerContinue reading “Monday Motivation November 4, 2019”

Friday Motivation November 1, 2019

The true hero is one who conquers their own anger and hatred. — Dalai Lama Conquering anger and hatred doesn’t mean abolishing it completely from your being. Anger is a natural manifestation of frustration, injustice, insecurity, fear; and can be a self defense mechanism. Knowing how to deal with your anger is important in leadingContinue reading “Friday Motivation November 1, 2019”

Thursday Motivation October 31, 2019

The mind that is anxious about future events is miserable. — Seneca. How often do we make ourselves miserable thinking about that conversation with our boss later this afternoon or that presentation we have to give next week ? Thinking, quickly becomes anxiety, when we spend time doing it without constructive thought. If there isn’tContinue reading “Thursday Motivation October 31, 2019”