Thursday Motivation November 7, 2019

Oh, the shackles we put on ourselves. It is not the world that limits us, society, or the people in our lives. The chains are not put on us from where we come from or how much money we have.

None of them constrain us as much as we do to ourselves. The mental chains that hold us earthbound.

Certainly there are hardships. There are challenges to be sure. Very difficult challenges. When we do let them become barriers, then they are opportunities, things that we can learn from and rise up and overcome.

Unshackle yourself, you have the key, you are the key.

Reach for the sky and don’t ever look back.

As a kid, we didn’t always know where our next meal was going to come from. My parents fought about money all the time. Always wondering, when were they going to come and kick us out of our home? My dad was always out doing work, trying to scrape together a living.

Our family was not like every one else’s family. We came from a different world. A very different world, and I learned how to hide in plain sight. The only thing I knew was that I could learn. I studied, not always what I was supposed to in school, but I studied everything and everyone.

And yes, the world could be cruel and merciless, and uncaring. None of that was as damaging, as what I did inside my own head.

I know personally, how important it is to unchain yourself.

To not let the masses, the majority, and every one else’s normalcy hold you back. Fight the voice in your head that is doubt. Stare your fears right in the face, and shout, you have no power over me.

You created that fear and you can destroy that fear.

Turn it to work for you. Inside of fear, after you have let it pass over you and through you, there is an energy, a power that you will possess that is unlike anything else.  

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