Wednesday Motivation November 13, 2019

Life feel like it is spinning out of control?

Have no idea where the day goes?

Working for the weekend?

Days measured in, “days until” we have drinks with friends, or vacation. Living for a better day.

Common, but sad.

*The joys of life are found in the moments. Today. To do this, we have to over come some unhealthy habits. Being present, means practicing mindfulness and living in the moment. This allows us to appreciate the beauty that exists in the every day.

*Simplicity. The simple pleasures of life can bring about the most happiness. Enjoying the tiny joys of life. Life is all the more rewarding enjoying simple things every day, than living for 3 weeks of vacation every year. We still need our unplugged vacation time. But what we do with our other 330 days has more impact on our overall happiness than anything that a few weeks of vacation can do for us.

*Reduce distractions. If you are spending time with someone, then be fully invested in the moment. Quit looking at your phone. This signals that you would rather be doing something else, or are more interested in what is going on somewhere or with someone else.

*Check in with yourself for just 5 minutes every day, at some point in the day. Sit, quietly, with no expectations of yourself. Just listen to your heart beating and the air coming into and out of your lungs. Feel the sensations in your arms and legs. Stretch your toes outward, and your fingers apart. This helps us become grounded in the moment.

Overtime, this will help you reduce those days where it feels like time is just flying by and you have no idea where the time is going or even how you go to this point in your life.

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