Monday Motivation November 11, 2019

It is perfectly normal to complain. It is rife in our society and culture. Countless hours are spent as work friends complain to each other about the injustice in the reality of their day to day world. Happy hour wouldn’t look the same without those that can’t help but hold court over a beer and a healthy dose of, “I can’t believe they-“

A little venting, relieves the pressure that can build up inside us. In short bursts, it helps.

Overall, it is fruitless and unproductive. We are not accepting the way things are. Our emotions are coloring our viewpoint of “they”, it is always someone else in these complaining sessions. We don’t take responsibility for our viewpoint. Remove the expectation of others and complaining becomes all the more ridiculous.

  • Simply -accept what is
  • Quit expecting things of others. – those expectations are thinly veiled demands. How you know, is if you get upset when you have an expectation of another person and they fall short, then this is really a demand without being upfront.
  • Realize that what is, may also not be reality but is your emotions coloring the situation
  • If there is a something to decide, then make a decision and decide.

Do these things and you will get off the hamster wheel of complaints that in the end are getting you no where.

And remember, the only reason anyone is listening to your complaints is so you will listen to theirs.

Having people in our lives that listen to our complaints, is less rewarding than having people in our lives that we can share how we are overcoming our opportunities. Celebrate positivity.

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