Friday Motivation November 15, 2019

We are all on this beautiful blue marble spinning around our star as it cruises through the galaxy. The universe is expanding, stars are born and die in fiery explosions, always on the move, always something new. Change is natural; inevitable, impersonal.

It is only us humans that try to deny and fight the reality of change. We narrow our view to a pinpoint, closing our eyes so only the tiniest bit of light gets in. Proclaiming things are the same, staving off our fear of the future.

We judge everything. From cradle to grave, judgement is how we compare and contrast the world around us. We judge ourselves and push that judgement outward as we then measure everyone else. These judgements are opinions that have turned to concrete. The more experience we gain the more we solidify those judgements.

Judgement is the end of learning, the end of growth. We have our facts, we have measured the person or situation based on our set of rules and beliefs, and we have made a mental proclamation. All facts that come after only support our already established positions. We are the filled vessel unable to take anything new.

When we can reserve judgement, then we are the open vessel. Our opinions can evolve based on experiences. We are not locked into defending a position. We can change and grow.

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