Monday Motivation November 18, 2019

Our potential for happiness is limitless.

Our mental energy isn’t.

Are you spending your precious energy on people who aren’t worth it. Harboring resentment? Clinging to the wrongs of the past?  Reliving past hurt of someone, who did something that hurt you?

It’s one thing to cut toxic people out of your life. It’s another to give them free room and board in your mind.

Let it go. And hand out the eviction notice.

This has been one of the most profound things I’ve worked on in my life. Most of my energy has always gone into ideas, into purpose and not into talking about people. Occasionally, I’ve allowed someone to get under my skin. I’ve given up my power, and allowed pettiness to overtake. I wrapped it in all kinds of righteous indignation and personal principles. In the end, I’d been bitten by a snake and I let the venom keep doing it’s job.

Forgive and forget. Move on. However you want to look at it, but it is time for you to kick them out of your head.

Why are you giving power over you to someone else?

When you hold on to these feelings, replaying them over and over in your mind you are poisoning yourself.

Quit stewing over the past, over slights and wrongs, over what happened, over what people have done to you…stop clinging to negativity and expecting positivity in your life.

Move on. Use that brain space for moving yourself towards your happy space. Meeting your goals. Helping others. Being grateful for what you have and who is in your life.

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