Monday Motivational December 2, 2019

We need new experiences to grow. To face challenges and the unknown – these are at the heart of experiences.

Day in and day out, the comfort of sameness does not lead us on a journey of exploration. There is no new experiences, no new learning, no growth. With comfort, we are alive without living.

Embrace the discomfort.

Our minds will play all sorts of tricks on us to keep us safe. It will talk you out of every good idea you’ve had within seconds.

Doubt will creep in, logic or emotion will overtake, and you won’t take the first step. This is why waiting for motivation to do things causes a lot of wasted time.

It takes a sheer force of will, and amazing amount of motivation to overcome the daily habit response that overtakes you.

Eeach time you don’t speak up in a meeting, when you had something to say, and don’t because you are afraid – you are given more evidence on why it would be a bad idea to speak up. And the cycle continues. You are proven correct that you need to stay in the safe zone.

And nestled in the zone of safety, carbon copy days go by, then months and years, and you don’t grow. The world keeps moving forward. But you are safe.

We are not meant to be safe. We are not meant to sit on the sidelines of our own life.

Take charge. Get in the discomfort zone. Make it your own. On the other side is know how, is experience, and you can then begin to teach others.

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