Friday Five -Words to Anchor the Day

Provoke – Deliberate – Stimulate- Intentionally – Consciously

Words have meaning. They are the form of our thoughts. And the best words, bring us from thought to action. My Friday Five, all center around the type of action I take. To consciously and intentionally, with deliberate purpose, provoke action that stimulates good in the world.

Today these were top of mind.

In each coaching session I did, with the fellow entrepreneurs that I messaged, the content I created and the posts that I continue to grow online. I came back to these words and asked, do each of these things create action? And specifically the kind of action that motivates and inspires more positive action.

What did you do today? How did you anchor yourself to your mission? Or do you hope that what you are doing fits into what you believe?

It is common for most of us to let our days over take us. To float through them, based on our calendar and the constant pull from others on our time. I overcome this natural tendency by anchoring my day with intentionality. Will there be some drift and float as I meet unexpected challenges and interruptions to my time. Absolutely. At the end of the day, having these anchors spelled out at the beginning of the day, helps me bring it back to center.

Ultimately, this helps not only for prioritization and keeping my theme of the day, but allows me to feel more fulfilled at the end of each day.

What are your five words for the day?

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