Wednesday Motivation November 20, 2019

Life kicks everyone’s ass at one point or another.

Don’t let it get you down, or turn you into someone you are not. Taking it out on others doesn’t do any good. And it isn’t nice.

Take the ass kicking.

Learn from it.

Allow yourself to grow.

It is a rite of passage and no one ever became anything worth a damn by having it easy. When you pass through to the other side, you will have learned a lot and you will be less likely to have the same thing cause you the same level of problems because you’ll be more prepared. 

When we let ourselves, we are very good at overcoming obstacles.

If we wallow, become ungrateful for what we have, spiteful to the universe,  and upset with those around us for not being in the same place we are right now, that is a function of our true character.

Only you are responsible for your life and how you respond to it.

We each have an amazing capacity for growth, compassion, and the ability to overcome obstacles.

Be the best you.

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