Start The Day With A Cup Of Earl Grey : Magic Morning Moments

Start the day with a cup of Earl Grey.

There is nothing like starting the day with a scalding hot cup of tea. The warmth as I cup the mug. The steam wafting upwards. Looking into the water watching the tea darkening the water and infusing it with it’s deep and strong black tea flavor. Putting it down on the table next to me as I write and waiting for it to drop below lip scalding tolerances. This routine sets the morning into motion.

Popping on my headphones I pick my first track of the day and set to writing.

The first thing I always do is write in my personal journal. Here is where I get to freeform and write whatever I feel like. Not worrying if it is good writing, or if anyone will ever read it. Writing to get what is first on my mind out and on the page. For me, it also really helps to organize my thoughts from what can sometimes be a messy and unkempt room.

Then I move onto this blog. Some times what I’ve jumped into for the day in my journal becomes the basis for the blog. Otherwise, I pull out my list of topics and things that have been of interest to me lately.

I also really love researching things and following my train of thought into the online verse and seeing where that research takes me. Following one search after another. Along one word or phrase to grab my attention and become the focus of my next search.

The morning allows me the time to do this more readily. Once the day gets going any research or learning is very specific to the task at hand. This is my time to learn. And these connections are invaluable.

 I’m a curator of information and connections. There is a great rhythm and movement to the world. A connection between our experiences. A truth that begins to become apparent the more we learn.

I’ve gotten made fun of a lot in life for knowing or being interested in learning about things that I will never use. Useless information.

And while, surely with the amount of data the world is generating every minute, there are things of little to no value, I’ve been fortunate to be able to put to use most things that I’ve learned. I may not always know when it will be of value. And some of it is just plain fun and in the moment I have no idea how it will connect back to anything. And still, I routinely find circumstances to put even the most esoteric of threads of knowledge to use.

This could be the contributing factor in my being made fun of for collecting such information since I don’t mind sharing it with others when the time seems right.

Sorry, not sorry. It is who I am.

The joys of life are found in the moments. Check out this oldy but goody that I wrote a couple of years ago as a way to get your day going.

  • Following the lead of my favorite starship captain, my go to tea is Earl Grey.

  • Here are some fun useless facts to put to use. Everyone deserves to have purpose.

100 Useless Facts to Keep You Entertained

  • First track of the day : Higher Love – Kygo and Whitney

Kygo, Whitney Houston – Higher Love (Official Audio)

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