MMM: Make Monday’s Matter

It is common to bemoan the coming week. So many of us survive our Monday-Friday and live for our Saturday and Sunday’s. The math doesn’t add up and still we sacrifice five days so we can do what we want on those two days. Misery loves company and I hate Monday’s is a common refrain we hear from friends and co-workers.

We are leading double lives and it makes it difficult to transition from one life to the other.

It’s time to wage war on Monday’s.

Our way of thinking is completely out of whack is a causing a great deal of undue stress and unhappiness.

Monday’s are not the problem. We are. It’s only a day of the week. We give it a lot of power over us, with the way we think and the way we communicate about Monday. And about our week in general.

I hate Monday. Wednesday Hump Day. TGIF, thank goodness it’s Friday.

Let’s reclaim our week and make it our own.

Soul Searching

If on Sunday you get blue thinking about the coming week and having to start another week of of doing it all over again.

If you say, you hate Monday’s or are posting that you survived Monday regularly, it’s time to take a good look at your job and career.

Are you doing what you love?

Is what you are doing fulfilling your “mission and purpose”?

Do you feel like you are making a difference that matters to you?

Are you using your skills and talents to their fullest?

If not, you know you have a problem and need to do something about it.


Think about what the week will look like. Write down your three top priorities. What is one thing you will do this week that will make you proud? Get a good nights sleep. Go to bed early.


If possible, get some exercise in the morning before you head to work and get their early. Get a jump on the week. By being their early you will skip past the Monday morning gossip, water cooler chats on weekend activities and you’ll knock out a couple of priorities before other have even started their day. If you can get one thing done that you dislike the most, and have that knocked out before the day of distractions gets going. You’ll have already accomplished more than you did last week.

Just a few tweaks to how you think and what you are doing can really make a huge difference in your mental health, productivity at work and your sense of accomplishment at doing more than just trading money for time.

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