Set The Table In Preparation For Inspiration

You probably don’t feel like it right now. Perhaps you are drained from the year you’ve endured. Maybe you don’t feel like there is any end in sight. Or are you wanting to be inspired? Looking to make a go of it, but don’t know where to start?

No matter where you are starting from, if you are ready to make some changes you can own 2022 for your own. Before you start making plans, check within first.

Motivation. I find motivation to be sore substitute for inspiration. It serves a purpose when you need a little extra kick and are having difficulty finding your own inspiration. It’s important we start with inspiration. That we develop our ability to set the table in preparation for inspiration.

Inspiration comes from within. Now that doesn’t mean there aren’t things we can do externally to make more fertile ground for inspiration to take root. Here are a few of my favorite, simple and effective.

Change your environment. Go for a walk. A hike. Sit near a tree and watch the birds. Okay, it’s a bit cold for that right now. But a brisk cool walk will do you a world of good. Don’t try and be inspired. Just walk. And keep walking until you start to feel your thoughts change from the same old ones you’ve been having for days to a fresher perspective. Stick with it. It will happen. And you are on the road to inspiration then.

Expand the mind – This means many different things to me. Reading is a great way to expand the mind. If you aren’t into reading you are missing out on a fantastic way to reorganize your mind and learn new things. Watching educational videos or documentaries new and interesting subject on YouTube can also do the trick. Writing is another fantastic way to expand your thinking and to explore your own mind.

Listen to music. Music is a great way to fuel inspiration. Some people can be inspired no matter the type of music they are listening to. I use different types depending on what I’m going for. It’s a great primer that starts to tell my mind, okay, we are going on a journey, we don’t know for sure where we are going, but follow the rhythm. If you don’t know where to start, go with classical music. It’s the most accessible and produces the best reproduceable results.

Meditate. Hello, I’d like to introduce you, to you. This one takes the most practice. It’s the most deceptively simple. Sitting and letting your mind be – and accepting what comes – isn’t always easy. Even with a modicum of practice you can find great results here. In our modern world we fight our brains, try and force our thinking into what should be, what we and society wants us to think and feel. Meditation is a moment to just be. And that, for most of us, takes some practice.

Prepare yourself mentally for inspiration. That is really what all of these activities do and the trick is to find the ones that work for you. The idea is to change your thinking, prime your mind for allowing new ideas that lead to a better future for yourself. Part of that thinking is adjusting to where you are thinking about the ‘what if’s’ for your life, not the list of ‘I can’t’ that circles your mind endlessly.

Prime yourself for inspiration, get to know your why, your purpose and then you can set your sights through self motivation to achieving those goals, knocking out those plans, and owning 2022.

Ready, Set, Own it.

If this inspired you to want to take inspiration to the next level and are a fellow self development geek like me, then geek out with this video on the science of inspiration.

The Research-Backed Secrets to Getting Inspired


Ready to go from inspiration to action. Here is a little something to take your first step.

James Marcus Ross

My go to for getting the blood pumping and getting started with cranking out the amazing. I dare you to try and not go after it.

The Black Eyed Peas – Let’s Get It Started (Official Music Video)

Ready, Set, Go after it.

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