Get Cracking, Time to Launch Yourself Into 2021

Jump to it.

There is no time to waste. There is no promise of tomorrow. So, why not do what needs to be done, now?

Get cracking.

2020 is over. Don’t carry it. Feel what needs to be felt. Get help if you are dealing with trauma or mental health issues. Take the moment to reflect on the year, but don’t live it. You’ve already done that once.

Get off to a running start and give yourself a head start. There is still a couple of days till the official start of 2021. (I myself started the new year 12 days ago, but that is just me.) Use this time to start your self motivated journey.

Time to get this party started.

We each need to get going, get rolling, and get on with it if we want to make this year what we want of it. We can control, the controllable, and jump start our year and own outlook by concentrating on the only real controllable, ourselves.

This can be the greatest moment of your life. The moment that you push off all the dirt, pull our feet out of the mud, and start our journey.

Sure we can sit back and wait to see what happens. We can let others have control over what happens next. We can be passive. We can be scared of action. Letting that feeling of helplessness overtake us. —

Or we can kick start our own lives, take ownership of our own actions and how we view our world, and get moving.

I’d much rather set in motion my own plan, even knowing it could fail. But it will be mine. I’m the one who buckled down, put my shoulder into it, and made something happen. It’s far more energizing to activate what I want to see, to be on the initiative.

So let’s crank it up.

You can power up 2021, set it ablaze. It just takes setting your plan into motion, getting that little spark today that touches off growing fire inside you that propels you to Get Off Your Ass and get triggered to make this your time.

This is your time. If you need any help along as you ignite your year with your passion, determination, and action – don’t hesitate to reach out.

I will continue to provide resources to use throughout the year, share my journey as a development geek, and celebrate our successes together as we reach for the stars each day.

Say goodbye to 2020 and hello to 2021

Breaking Benjamin – Angels Fall (Official Lyric Video)


Fitness and health are important to our overall goals to getting the most out of life. Check out this article from the Mayo Clinic, Fitness program : Five Steps to get Started

And if you are looking for less motivation and more substance here are the 5 Steps On The Path To Action

J. Marcus Ross

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