Afraid and Need your HELP

My whole life has been leading up to this moment…

and I’m terrified.

When I was a kid I never felt like I belonged.  I wasn’t sure if I was in the wrong time, with the wrong family, and much of the time I didn’t even feel like I was on the right planet. My fellow humans confused me and I was very alone.

Due to the non-traditional life I was raised in, we were told as kids to not tell others where we came from, what we did for a living, or really anything about our family out of fear.

But that’s a story for another time.

The point is, I spent most of my life trying to figure out how to fit in and be normal. Or at least be see as normal. Something in retrospect, was nearly impossible. Still, I built up a successful career,  and even did it so well- that many, who don’t know me well, consider me a typical square-bear average guy.

For a long time, I’ve been working in the corporate world, helping companies make more revenue and profit, teaching others to be better leaders, and how to look at problems from different angles to come up with novel solutions.

All the while, I’ve been coaching and developing others, sharing my unique way of looking at the world and how to challenge yourself and meet those life goals head on.  I’ve always done those things behind the scenes. I helped others to succeed and I always enjoyed influencing things without being the one grabbing for the spotlight.

Then everything broke. Or rather I broke. The math wasn’t adding up any more.

I took myself through a process, and when I came out the other side I was transformed. Everything fell into place, and all my theories and thoughts, everything I’ve learned over this lifetime came into focus, and I realized that I couldn’t put my energy into the same thing I’d been doing.

I walked away from security and started my own business.

But that isn’t even the really scary part. I’ve decided to do something that if I am to continue to live my mission of helping others and sharing what I’ve learned, I have to step into the light and be seen. Put myself out there completely and share. Get over my fears and be willing to put myself on the stage.

Perhaps in the world you live in with Instagram, LinkedIn, Twitter, YouTube, Snapchat, TikTok, Blogs and all the rest of social media, you read this and think what I’m talking about is easy. For me, it is terrifying.

I’m highly motivated. And I do want to be seen. To for the first time, tell my story and my unique vantage point to others and share my full self. To perhaps, even be accepted. And most importantly to help others who are struggling or who are stuck, to know they are not alone and they can do great things.

And while I can do all of these things, it is scary. The kind of scary that comes from a lifetime of breaking yourself up into little pieces and never sharing the whole thing with everyone.

To do all of that means getting over fear and really connecting with others. And that is where you come in. I’ve laid it all on the line to do this thing. I’m 100% all in. And I’m going to give it my all to help those who need and want help. I’ll do this thing no matter what because I believe. But it will be so much better doing it with you.

I need your support. Join my team. Be a part of the journey.

Give me feedback and tell me what you like, I’m always eager to learn more from others and to hear a different vantage point. Share what you like. If you’ve been where I am going, then share. Come be a part of my journey and perhaps when you need help, I can be a part of your journey.

Here is to all the other aliens out there who are hoping to be a bit more understood and accepted for their uniqueness.

Please share with the fellow aliens you know. And thank you for reaching out and saying hi. There is so much we can do in this world together.

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