Mentoring Month

National Mentoring Month focuses attention on the need for quality mentoring to connect more of our community’s young people with caring adults. It is incredibly empowering to give back to the next generation.

Mentoring can have an incredible impact on both those mentored and the one mentoring.

I wouldn’t be where I am at today without a few special people who gave me their time and shared with me their experiences and wisdom. Having someone who believes in you, and is willing to be vulnerable and share their struggles along a similar path, is enlightening and empowering.

As valuable as having a mentor in my life has been to my continued growth, I’ve also learned so much from giving to others. Each time I’ve mentored someone, I’ve gotten so much from the experience, that even though I know they feel I’m doing so much for them – it seems to pale in comparison to what I’m learning myself. This is why mentoring and being mentored is one of the most profound things that we can do with our time.

Comment below with a story of how being mentored impacted your life. Share your story and inspire others.

And remember, January 30th is Thank Your Mentor day. This is a perfect time to send a personal message to that mentor who made a big difference in your life.

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